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Q) Is it a good idea to go out with my mum or dad when i am learning to drive with you ( a Qualified driving Instructor.)

A) Yes going out with another qualified driver can be a good thing to gain more experience on the road and to gain more confidence, The only negative thing is remembering how you have been taught to drive correctly and not to do your own thing and also making sure you are not picking up any bad habits.


Q) Why do you give free online theory test training and free experience lessons

A) Learning to drive although being one of the best things you will ever achieve is a costly one as well, at ShawPass Driver Training we want to help as much as we can.


Q) How long does the driving test last

A) The Driving test lasts on average about 38 to 40 minutes, this may sound quite a long time but when you are sitting the Driving test It does not seem that long, time goes by very fast so when on your driving test focus on what you are doing every second.


Q) Why dont you charge for lesson cancellations?

A) Well Learning to Drive is costly enough without having to pay for Driving Lessons that you have not taken, also you cannot predict when an illness may strike you dont get 24 hours notice so how can you give me 24 hours notice.


Q) I have just passed my driving test and I need to visit a relative who lives quite a distance away from me but have never been taught how to drive on motorways, did my Instructor forget to teach me this.

A) No Your instructor didnt forget to teach you this, Learner drivers are not legally entitled to drive on motorways which doesnt make much sence as you can drive on Dual Carriage ways which I am sure you know is the same 70 MPH speed limit, my advice to you would be if you have any friends nearby who drive ask them if they would sit in the passenger seat while you have a short ride down the motorway for your confidence, try to get any hints or tips from them that may help you, try to think how you were taught to deal with dual carriageways, the other alernative would be to phone your old Driving Instructor and do pass plus or have a few Motorway lessons with him or her, only one down side it would cost more money, but I hope I have answered your question and given you a few options to think about.


Q) I am training at the moment for my theory / hazard perception test and are unsure about how to work out the overall Stopping distance.

A) How I was taught to find this out is shown below.

20 mph x 2 = 40 feet Stopping Distance
30 mph x 2 1/2 = 75 feet Stopping Distance
40 mph x 3 = 120 feet Stopping Distance
50 mph x 3 1/2 = 175 feet Stopping Distance
60 mph x 4 = 240 feet Stopping Distance
70 mph x 4 1/2 = 315 feet Stopping Distance

So start at 20 mph and x by 2 and for every 10 mph add 1/2 of the mph so if you were doing the 30 mph the half would be 15 or at 50 mph the 1/2 would be 25, I hope you can understand this, if any problems please let me know.

Just remember this is your overall Stopping Distance.

Also good to Get the old Brain working


Q) I have been Learning to Drive for a couple of months now and I know I still have lots to learn, When I am dealing with junctions I understand the MSM routine or rather Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine, my Driving instructor sometimes gets quite irritable when I dont get the routine correct or if I forget, I cant see why its so important as long as I deal with the junction.

A) I have been asked this Question many times and I am sure if you were to ask your Driving instructor he or she would explain it to you, My answer is you know what the routine stands for which is good, you should always checks your mirrors before changing Speed or Direction so if you were turning left you must check interior and left mirror before signaling if you dont do these checks you dont know if it is safe to position to the left and if you dont know if its safe you dont want to be signalling and panicing another motorist behind, thats why it should always be Mirrors to make sure its safe, Signal to let people know what you are intending to do and then Manoeuvre and then Positioning the vehicle where you want it to be and it is for these same reasons we use the same routine but different Mirrors when turning or emerging Right, if you have any further questions please dont hestate to contact me.


Q) Hi, I have had a number of different opinions on this, so hope that you can settle this one for me. Whilst Reversing around a corner if I go over the kerb on a driving test is it an automatic fail ? Some people have said I would fail imediatly, others have said it depends on how high up the kerb I go! Thanks.

A) There are a lot of things to take into consideration regarding this Question, if you go over the kerb you would almost definatly fail as just before you started the manoeuvre the examiner would ask you to reverse into the junction on the left staying resonably close to the kerb, if you hit the kerb at speed or the examiner took controls of the dual controls again you would probably fail, if you just touched the kerb with the car moving slowly and under control and then moved forward a little and finished the manoeuvre staying resonably close to the kerb you may get away with it.

Dont be thinking about how it will be marked down thats not your job thats the examiners, keep that in mind your job is to get safely around the corner staying resonably close to the kerb, if you are thinking about what the examiner could be thinking or marking down, your not concentrating on what you should be doing remember too much Analysis causes Paralysis, Just practise the Left reverse as often as you can on your driving lessons with your Driving Instructor or if you practise in your own car as often as possible until you know all the time how close you are in relation to the kerb, just remember practise makes perfect.


Q) How Long will it take to Pass the Driving Test in Wakefield ?

A) Everybody is different and that is exactly the same when Learning to drive, although you will be taught the same things some people pick up things faster than others, also the amount of hours training you are taking per week has another big impact e.g if you were doing one hour per week it would take you twice as long as someone taking 2 hours per week for obvious reasons you are not in the car learning for the same length of time, for some people they may have a limited budget or a limited time scale so doing 1 hour per week suits them even though it may take them up to a year or more to get to driving test standard for others who wish to pass the driving test sooner they may have lessons of 1 and a half hours 2 or 3 times a week and probably find that they are at test standard in Two to Three month, How long it will take is your choice, At ShawPass Driver Training we can do Lessons on a 1 hour, 1 and a half hour or 2 hour sessions or you may wish to take more than one lesson per week again the choice is yours.

Q) When would you advise I take my theory test ?

A) Generally I think its beneficial to prepaere for the theory test quite early when learning to drive, what i mean is when you have done between 5 to 10 hours of driving, This way the things you are learning in the theory training will be relevant to your driver training and by doing the theoretical side of the theory and knowing the correct answers and the practical of the driving putting it into practice, From the day you pass your theory test you have 2 years to pass your practical driving test which is normally plenty of time to practice and pass the driving test. But if you have other comitments that you know will prevent you from getting training in, it may be wise to hold off passing the theory test, my best advice would be to discuss this with your instructor or even if you are not training with me give me a call my contact details are on the contact page and I will give you free independent advice.

Q) Why would I take Experience lessons once I have passed the Driving Test ?

A) What I have Found out from People who have passed their Driving Test is The feeling of driving with somebody sat at the side of you either your driving instructor or the examiner when you know there is someone to help if needed is different to you going out and driving completly on your own, The Experience Lessons are Completly free of Charge to anyone who has Trained and Passed their Driving Test With ShawPass Driver Training and is there as an option if you want more confidence in your own car.

Q) On the web site you mention about the Benefits of Block Bookings how does this work?

A) At ShawPass Driver Training we like to offer Benefits that not just benefit us we want these to benefit you.Once you have paid for a Block Booking of 10 hours any further hours you may require will all be done at the discounted rate at the moment of £16-00 per hour for however long it takes you to pass your driving test, Unlike some Driving schools to keep the lessons at the discounted rate you dont have to keep paying out the lump sum, once a payment of 160-00 for 10 hours has been paid and you have taken the 10 hours any further lessons required will all be done at the discounted rate even if paying for single lessons, the reason for this is as you are comitting yourself to paying for the block booking in the first place we are commiting ourselves to you by saving you money and making the lessons cheaper.

Q) Whats the difference between an Independent Driving Instructor or a Larger Nationwide Driving School and who would be better for me?

A) Whether to pick a Nationwide or Smaller Independent Driving School can be a question you may ask yourself, I asked myself the same question many years ago when I made the decision to learn to drive, I chose the larger Nationwide Driving School because I thought the training would be better with the larger organisation.

What I later found out was to be a Qualified Driving Instructor all Qualified Driving Instructors had to pass the same examination, the plus for the Smaller Driving Schools such as Shawpass Driver Training is anyone learning to drive is taught by a Qualified D.S.A Driving Instructor generally because they are the only Instructor and it is their buisness, larger Nationwide Driving Schools Sometimes have trainees instructing this just means the trainee instructor is not yet fully qualified and not passed the final exam of learning people to drive yet, This doesnt mean the trainee is no good just not fully qualified. When you are paying for Driving Lessons the person who is training you should have displayed either a pink badge showing the name and photo of your trainer the pink badge is showing he / she is still in Training or a green couloured badge showing the name and photo of your Trainer, The green badge is showing you that he / she is a fully Qualified Driving Instructor and passed all the relevant exams to teach people to drive.

I passed my driving test with one of the larger Nationwide Driving Schools First time so I couldnt complain although that was quite some years ago, but I ended up with 2 different instructors before I passed which felt strange getting used to another Instructor again and sometimes you may get this with the larger schools.

Obviously a completly Independent Instructor only has so much time to book people in his or her diary but a larger Nationwide Driving School will almost definatly be able to fit you in although it will probably be a different instructor, At the end of the day it doesnt matter whether its a Nationwide Driving School or a Completely Independent Driving instructor, the main thing is you pass the Driving Test and as long as each lesson you are happy with your Driving Instructor and making progress thats all that counts.

My advice is speak to Friends and Family get their opinions on this subject.

Q) Do the Driving Test Examiners have a pass rate of how many people they can pass in a week or any thing on those lines.

A) I have never Worked as an examiner so I cannot say for definate, but I have spoke to examiners in the past and have been told there is no such thing, This I truly believe any individual I have taken for their driving test that has passed has told me how they drove, any individaul who has not passed the Driving Test has also told me what has happened on test and why they did not pass, My honest belief is if you drive to the ability that you do when practising with your driving instructor and drive well on your Driving test you will pass the Driving Test.

Q) I have been told the driving test is very hard to pass is this True?

A) The Driving test is the same as any examination that you may sit, If you were to go into an examination under prepared or rushed to do the examination when you were not ready, more than lightly you would find it very difficult, If you prepare correctly and sit the driving test when your instructor thinks you are ready you will probably find it quite simple, Just remember all the examiner wants you to do is drive correctly and safely, My advice to you is dont rush to do the Driving Test Sit your Driving Test when you and your instructor are in agreement.

Q) I have had 20 Hours of Driving lessons I have been told I should be ready for taking my driving test is this true?

A) Do you feel comfortable with all aspects of your driving, can you perform all the manoeuvres that may be asked of you on the driving test, if your answer is yes to both the above Questions may be you are ready for the driving test, Speak to your Instructor, but 20 hours is not a long time to master so many different skills especially when the D.S.A say its between 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice before people pass the driving test, click on the highlighted Driving Test word to see what the D.S.A say.

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