Cockpit Drill

As you will be aware we use the D,S,S,S,M routine which as you will also know stands for
Doors, Seat, Steering wheel, Seatbelt, Mirrors

Doors, Make sure all doors are closed corectly both front and rear, if children in the back
dont forget about child safety locks if fitted.

Seat Pushing the clutch fully down with your Left foot and having a slight bend in your knee
should ensure you are a suitable distance to use the pedals.

Steering firstly just finish off the seat by checking or adjusting the head restraint to the correct height
then adjust the angle of the seat so you can comfortably reach the steering wheel.

SeatBelt Put the Seatbelt on so flat accross your chest and not kinked in anyway.

Mirrors Adjust Interior Mirror so can see as much out of rear window as possible and avoid
touching the Glass, Check Left and Right Door Mirrors accordingly so you can see a little bit of the
side of the car but must be able to see if a motorcyclist or other road user is near by.